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Drummer Boy, pa rum pum pum pum!

December 1, 2014

Drummer Boy by Toni SheridanIt’s launch day for a whole treasure trove of wonderful warm Christmas stories–my DRUMMER BOY, plus ten other titles in Pelican Books’ 2015 Christmas Extravaganza.

To celebrate, I have a SUPER FUN ALERT:

The first 10 people to buy DRUMMER BOY and e-mail me a copy of their receipt to evbishopATSIGNevbishopDOTcom will receive a super cool present from me: an Extravaganza eBook card that gives you all 11 of the Pelican Book Group’s Christmas Extraganza 2015 books for FREE. That’s a lot of warm, fuzzy, inspiring reading this cold-night season!

And just a head’s up, one card’s already been claimed by an avid reader; nine are still up for grabs.

You can buy DRUMMER BOY here:


Pelican Book Group

The Present by Toni Sheridan And more good news, its sister story, THE PRESENT, is available too:


Pelican Book Group

Happy reading and don’t forget to e-mail your receipt to the address above!

Also please remember, kind readers, reviews really, really help authors. If you enjoy DRUMMER BOY, THE PRESENT or any of the other Christmas Extravaganza stories, please review them wherever you bought them and/or on Goodreads.

Merry December to you . . . and as the 25th draw nears I pray that you’ll find a special peace and blessing this year.

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