Christmas is Coming! Get in the mood with warm, cozy reads.

Dear Readers,

Yay! I just received one of the loveliest e-mails you can get as an author: a confirmed release date. 🙂

Drummer Boy by Toni SheridanDRUMMER BOY, a completely stand-on-its-own sequel to THE PRESENT, hits digital shelves Monday, December 1, 2014 noon-ish. Set aside the afternoon for a cozy tea and reading session now, lol.

Curious about what DRUMMER BOY’S about? I thought you might be!

In one sentence: Commitment phobe Jane and resigned-to-be-a-bachelor Tim think they should stay single; God has other plans. 🙂

In more than one sentence, heh, heh: Fun-loving, feisty Jane is an independent girl, with a family history that’s convinced her marriage is not for her—or that’s the image she projects, until a bad accident shakes her to the core and makes her question what she builds her self-worth on. 

Tim, a rock drummer turned pastor and youth worker, thinks he’s content with, maybe even called to, the single life, but is that God’s will, or Tim’s mistaken conviction, a way to keep punishing himself for mistakes in his past?

When Jane and Tim meet through Tim’s young niece, they’re surprised by their instant attraction and sense of connection. Will they trust God’s leading, or will they continue to let fear and pride keep them from fully experiencing God’s blessing?

I hope you’ll check on DRUMMER BOY this December, and if you enjoy it, I’d be honored if you spread the word or left me a review.

In the meantime, happy reading and preparing for Christmas!

God bless,

p.s. If you haven’t read THE PRESENT yet and would like to before you read DRUMMER BOY, you’re very fortunate indeed. 🙂 🙂 It’s on sale right now for just .99 cents. Follow the link above to buy directly from the publisher, or just search The Present by Toni Sheridan at Amazon, or Kobo, etc. Thanks. I hope you like it!




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